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This is what YOU wrote, it's OK
I AM ( I )

To you who read, I speak.
To you, who, through long years and much running to and fro, have been eagerly seeking, in books and teachings, in philosophy and religion, for you know not what-Truth, Happiness, Freedom, God;
To you whose soul is weary and discouraged and almost destitute of hope;
To you, who many times have obtained a glimpse of that "Truth," only to find when you followed and tried to reach it, that it disappeared in the beyond, and was but a mirage of the desert;
To you, who thought you had found it in some great teacher, who was perhaps the acknowledged head of some society, fraternity or religion, and who appeared to you to be a "Master" was but a human personality, with faults and weaknesses, and secret sins, the same as you, even though that personality may have been a channel through which were voiced many beautiful teachings, which seemed to you the highest "Truth;"
And here you are, Soul aweary and enhungered, and not knowing where to turn-
To you, I AM come.
Likewise to you, who have begun to feel that presence of that "Truth" within your soul, and seek the confirmation of that which of late has been vaguely struggling for living expression within;
Yes, to all of you who hunger for the true "food of life", I AM come.
Are you ready to partake?

If so, then arouse yourself. Sit up. Still your human mind and follow my word herein spoken. Or you will turn away disappointed once more, with the aching hunger still in your heart.

Who am I?-
I, Who speak with such seeming knowledge and authority?


I AM you, that part of you that IS and KNOWS;

And always knew, and always was.

Yes, I AM you, your self; that part of you who says I AM and is I AM;
That transcendent, innermost part of you which quickens within as you read,
Which responds to this MY Word, which perceives it's Truth, which recognizes all Truth and discards all error wherever found. Not that part that has been feeding on error all these years.
For I AM your real teacher, the only real one you will ever know, and the only MASTER;

I, your divine self.
I, the I AM of you, bring to you this My Message, A feeling beyond words alive within you, I have brought to you everything in life, be it book or "Master," to teach you that I, and I alone, your own true self, AM the teacher for you, the only teacher and the only God, Who is and always has been providing you not only with
Anything and everything you need for spiritual growth, but with all things needed for your physical, mental,
Sustenance, what you need to Live.
Therefore that which appeals to YOU, as you read, is my message, spoken to your outer human consciousness from Within, and is but a confirmation of which the I AM of you always knew within, but had not yet translated in definite, tangible terms to your outer consciousness.
Likewise, all that ever appealed to you, coming from outward expression, was but the confirmation of my Word already spoken within. The outward expression was just the avenue or means I chose at the time through which to reach and impress your human or self consciousness.

I AM not your human mind, nor it's child, the intellect. They are but the expression of Your Being, as you are the expression of My Being; they are but phases of your human personality, as you are but a phase of my Divine Impersonality.

Weigh and study carefully these words.
Rise up and free yourself now and for always from the domination of your personality, with it's self -glorifying mind and intellect.

For your mind henceforth must be your servant, and the intellect your slave, if my word is to penetrate your soul consciousness.
I AM come now to your soul consciousness, which I have quickened expressly in preparation for the reception of my words.
Now if you are strong enough to bear it;
If you put aside all your private personal fancies, beliefs and opinions which are but the rubbish you have gathered from the dumping grounds of others;
If you are strong enough to cast them all away;-
Then my words to you will be a source of endless joy and blessing.
Be prepared to have this personality of yours doubt My Word as you read it all along the way;
For it's very life is threatened, and it knows it cannot live and thrive and longer dominate your thinking, your feelings, your going and coming, as of old,-if you take my word into your heart and permit it there to abide.
Yes, I Am come to you now,
To make you conscious of My Presence;
For I have likewise prepared your human mind so that it can, in a measure, comprehend the meaning of me.
I have been with you always, but you did not know it.

I have purposely led you through the wilderness of books and teachings, of religions and philosophies, keeping ever before your souls eye a fleeting glimpse of, "Your own True Self"; feeding you with the manna of the desert, that you might remember and value long this truth inside you.
Now you are at the crossroads that separates you from your Divine heritage.
Now the time has come for your consciousness to Know Me; the time has come to make a choice, go right and be one with your own true self.

Are you ready?

Do you want to go?
Then follow my word, which is the word of your own true self, words forever born inside of you and all will become much more comfortably for you.

Now in order that you may learn to know me, so you can be sure that it is I, your own True Self, who speak these words you must first learn to Be Still, to quiet your human activities, so that you are no longer conscious of them.
You may not yet be able to do this, but I will teach you how, if you really want to know Me, and are willing to prove it but trusting me and obeying Me in all that I now shall call upon you to do.


Try to imagine the "I" who speaks throughout these pages as being your Higher or Divine Self, addressing and counseling your human mind and intellect, which you will consider for the moment as being a separate personality. Your human mind is so constituted that it can not accept anything which does not conform with what it has previously experienced or learned, and which it's intellect does not consider reasonable. Therefore in addressing it, You are using such terms and expressions as will most clearly explain to your intellect the truths it must understand before your mind can awaken to the consciousness of your meaning.

The fact is this "I" is yourself, your real self. Your human mind has heretofore been so engrossed with the task of supplying your intellect and body with all manner of selfish indulgences, that it has never had time to get acquainted with the real you, it's true lord and master. You have been so interested in and affected by the pleasures and sufferings of your body and intellect, that you have come to believe that You Are your intellect and body, and you have consequently nearly forgotten Me, your Divine Self.
I AM not your intellect and body, and the message is to teach you that You and I are one. The words I herein speak, and the main burden of these instructions, is to awaken your consciousness to this great fact.
You can not awaken to this great fact until you can get away from the consciousness of this body and intellect, which so long have held you enslaved. You must FEEL ME within, before you can know I AM there.
Now, in order that you can become wholly oblivious of your mind and it's thoughts and your body and it's sensations, so that you can feel Me within, it is necessary that you studiously obey these, My instructions.

Sit quietly in a relaxed position, and when wholly at ease, let your mind take in the significance of these words:


Without thinking, allow this, my divine Command, to penetrate deep in your soul. Let what ever impressions that come to your mind enter at will-without effort or interference on your part. Note carefully their important, for it is you. Then, when somewhat of their vital significance begins to dawn upon your consciousness, speak these My Words slowly, imperatively, to every cell of your body, to every faculty of your mind, with all the conscious power you possess:-

"Be Still!-and KNOW- I AM-God."

Speak them just as they are herein written, trying to realize that the God of you commands And demands your mortal implicit obedience.
Study them, search out their hidden potency.
Brood over them, carry them with you into your work, whatever it may be. Make them the vital, dominating factor in your work, in all your creative thoughts.

Say the a thousand times a day,

Until you have discovered all my innermost meaning;
Until every cell of your body thrills in joyful response to the command, "Be Still," and instantly obeys;
And every vagrant thought hovering around your mind hide itself off into nothingness.
Then, as the words reverberate through the caverns of your now empty being;
Then as the sun of knowing begins to rise on the horizon of your consciousness;
Then, will you feel the swell of wondrous strange breath filling you to the extreme of your mortal members, causing your senses almost to burst with ecstasy of it; then there will come surge after surge if a mighty, resistless Power rising within you, lifting you almost off the earth; Then you will feel the Glory, the Holiness, the Majesty of MY Presence'

And then, Then you will Know, I AM God.

You,- when you have felt me thus in such moments within, when you have tasted my power, hearkened to My Wisdom, and know the ecstasy of My All Embracing Love,- no disease can touch, no circumstance can weaken, no enemy can conquer you. For you know I Am within, and you always hereafter will turn to ME in your need, putting all your trust in Me, and allowing Me to manifest My will.
You, when you turn thus to me, will always find me an unfailing and ever present help in time of need; for I will so fill you with a Realization Of My Presence and of My Power, that you need only, “BE STILL” and allow Me to do whatever you want done- heal your ills and those of others, illumine your mind so you can see with My Eyes the Truth you seek, or perform perfectly the tasks which before seemed almost impossible of accomplishment.

This Knowledge, This Realization, will not come at once. It may not come for years. It may come tomorrow.

It depends on no one but YOU;

Not upon your personality, with it’s human desires and understanding;

But upon the I Am of you- God within.
You may be familiar with the concept of DNA. With a microscopic sample of your DNA, a scientist
With the right equipment, knowledge, and understanding of such afore mentioned knowledge; can tell almost everything about YOU.
Your material being, from your shoe size, to your eye color and everything in between.

I live in you. Like a seed of the Devine.
Now calm your seemingly know-it-all intellect…rest your EGO for just a moment, BE STILL and let this Idea soak in.

What is it that causes the bud to open into a blossom?

What causes the chick to burst out of it’s shell?
What decides the hour?

It is the conscious, natural act of intelligence within, My intelligence, Directed by My Will, bringing to fruition My Idea and expressing it in the blossom and the chick.

Did the blossom and the chick have anything to do with it?

NO, only as they submitted or united their will with mine and allowed me and My Wisdom to determine the hour and the ripeness for action, and then only as they obeyed the impulse of My Will to make the effort, could they step forth into the New Life.

You may, with your personality, try a thousand times to burst through the shell of your human consciousness.

It will result only, if at all, in a breaking down of the doors I have provided between the world of tangible forms and the realm of intangible dreams; and the door being open, you then can no longer keep, out intruders from your private domain, without much trouble and suffering.

These are the doors in your mind that most are afraid to go near, let alone open, . They are so self absorbed in their personality, and ego; they’ve come to think/believe that this is all there is. Most are unaware these doors even exist.

They fear change. They are un aware of what change may bring, and they fear what they do not know. They fear what is un familiar to them.

What is certain is, you’ve got to change in order to grow.
Stop following , “The Heard”. This experiment has gone on for thousands and thousands of years.
Circumstances will not change or improve going through the motions, using the very same methods human ego, and intellect has continued to use, that brought this planet and all that lives on it; to the current shape it is in.

Break down the doors I have provided between the world of tangible forms and the realm of intangible dreams.
Discover a path that has already been burned to a new and better reality.
Humans say they want TRUTH. When given a truth they want to destroy the very circumstances that has given them this awareness.
Humans speak forever of, “PEACE“. At one time it was quite a popular FAD.
It needs to be more then a FAD. You, as humans must Evolve, rid yourself of the gene inherited by your most ancient ancestor, the very one MY WILL pulled put of the primordial sludge from hence all LIFE evolved. This gene says, “disassemble your competitor, and go on replicating”. You create your super-organizisms, “societies” and the glue that holds these, “societies” together, is hatred.
Beliefs in certain myths, looking at others from the outside in stead of looking within. Thinking of all that lives as objects, projecting the most negative intentions, and manifesting them into THIS reality.
Greed and the systematic organization of hatred is what your leaders use to heard you around like the, “Sheeple” you’ve become. On a larger scale they will, and have started to move you, within this world, like schools of fish.

So you fight a never ending war for PEACE.

You will, and have killed, fought, Died, and watched your loved ones go off to die in, “Money Wars” that were never declared, for vague reasons. You will give up every Freedom and right to hold onto these myths.
Myths which the majority of humans have never questioned .

The, who, what, when, where, and how did this start. When you receive answers, question them, question the source of the answers.
Waken MY WILL in you heart and question it. Ask have our collective beliefs as humans in these MYTHS, help, or hurt and destroy (in the most atrocious ways) WHAT LIVES, HUMAN AND OTHERWISE?
This propaganda we accept at face value, a direct product of the EGO and INTELLECT of greedy and power crazed leaders, is there TRUTH To any of it?

A Wise Human once defined FREEDOM as follows-“Freedom is the right to choose, or create an alterative or choice. Without the possibility of choice, or exercise of choice, A man is not a man, But a Member, An instrument, a thing”.

Would you consider yourself a member of society?
Do you consider yourself a member of a church or religious organization?
What limits do these memberships impose on your freedoms?
What customs are you Forced to abide by to be accepted within these groups?
What absurd stories are you expected to believe, with “Blind Faith”?
When do you become, “US“? When did you become, “we”

Believe me Humans, this is NOT part of MY Divine Plan. Do you honestly believe the world would fall into utter chaos if not for the control imposed on your lives?
Perhaps it is time to question things. Perhaps it is time for you to start making choices, correct choices. “BE STILL AND KNOW” Wait for the answer from your divine self within.
Your leaders do not seem to have your best interest at heart.

You may fail in some of your choices, but through suffering you may gain the strength you lack and the wisdom needed to know that, not until you yield up all desire for knowledge, for goodness, YES UNION WITH ME, to benefit self and all that lives, can you unfold your petals showing forth the perfect Beauty of My Devine Nature, Throw off the shell of your human personality and step forward into the glorious Light of MY/Your divine Self.

Therefore I give you these directions NOW, at the beginning, that you may be learning to recognize ME.

For I promise you, if you follow and strive earnestly to comprehend and obey MY instructions herein given, You shall very soon know ME, and I will give you to comprehend all of MY Word, Wherever written, In book, or teaching, in nature, or your fellow man.

If there is much in what herein is written that seems contradictory, Remember, “The World View That Has Been IMPOSED On You” and Seek out MY Real meaning before discarding it.

Do not leave a single paragraph, or any one thought in it, until all that is suggested in it becomes clear.
In all your seeking and all your striving, let it be with FAITH and trust in ME, Your true self within, Don’t be anxious about results; for the results are in MY KEEPING, and I will take care of them. Your doubts and your anxiety are part of your outer personality, and if allowed to persist will lead only to failure and disappointment.


If that which you have read has awakened a response within, and the soul of you yearns for more,- then you are ready for what follows.

If you still question or rebel at the seeming assumption of Divine authority for what is herein written, your intellect telling you it is but another attempt to beguile your mind with cunning suggestion and subtle sophistry,- then you will receive no benefit from these words; for their meaning is yet hidden from your mortal consciousness, and My Word must come to you from another avenues of expression.

It is well if your personality with its intellect impels you to question authority you do not yet know to be Mine. It is really I who cause your personality thus to rebel; For your personality with its proud sense of individuality is still needed by Me to develop a mind and body strong enough that they can perfectly express ME. Until you have become prepared to know ME it is but natural for your personality thus to question and rebel. Once you recognize My Authority, that moment the undermining of the authority of the personality has begun. The days of its dominion are numbered, and you will more and more turn to me for guidance.
Therefore, be not dismayed. Read on, and perhaps the recognition will come. But know you can read or not, as you choose; but if you do it is really I who choose, and not you.
For you, who seemingly choose not to read further, I have plans, and in due season you shall learn that whatever you do, or like, or desire, it is I leading you through all the fallacies and illusions of the personality, that you may finally awaken to their unreality and turn to ME as the one and only Reality.
Then these words will find a response within:-

“Be still!-and KNOW- I AM - GOD.”

Yes, I AM that innermost part of you that sits within, and calmly waits and watches, knowing neither time nor space; for I AM the Eternal and fill all space.

I watch and wait for you to be done with your petty human follies and weaknesses, with your vain longings, ambitions and regrets, knowing that will come in time; and then you will turn to ME, weary,
Discouraged, empty and humble, and ask ME to take the lead, not realizing that I have been leading you all the time.

Yes, I sit here within, quietly waiting for this; yet while waiting it was really I Who directed all your ways, who inspired all your thoughts and acts, impersonally utilizing and manipulating each so as eventually to bring you and MY other human expressions to a final conscious recognition of ME.

Yes, I have been within always, deep within your heart. I have been with you through all.-through your joys and heartaches, your successes and mistakes, through your evil doing, your shame, your crimes against your brothers, sisters and the disrespect you’ve displayed for what lives. I listen to your thoughts and heart.

So many, for so long have ignored my presence. They have misunderstood and twisted my message, upon getting a fleeting glimpse of their inner self. They let their EGO take over.
You’ve all lied to yourself and others, to exult your human ego, and praise your human intellect.

For thousands, and thousands, and thousands of years, you, your father and mother before you, your grandparents, their parents, and so on. All forgetting. While enslaved by their own glorification of the human intellect and ego; they wiped their brow and praised themselves for the world they were destroying, and continue to do so, to create a society. This, “society would impose it’s myths, propaganda, limit their freedoms impose a false worldview, and warp their self image.
This caused them to forget that there were other ways, humans may had lived.

Everywhere in the world people understand the concept of salvation
Everyone , east and east knows this , “Being Saved“ involves some method or other. It may be a ritual-baptism, extreme unction, the sacrament of penance, the performance of ceremonial works, or anything at all. On the other hand it may be an inner action of repentance, love, faith ,or meditation.
What ever, “The means” the concept of salvation is universal
A complex and profound worldview is implicit in such a statement.
This basically says that EVERYONE is in an unsaved state, and will remain that way until the requisite ritual or inner action is performed, and all humans that die in this, “unsaved state“, either loose their chance for eternal happiness with god or fail to escape the weary cycle of death and rebirth.
Because you have been conditioned since birth to have this knowledge and belief.
I MUST Lay groundwork for idea, the very same ideas that are yours, part of your divine self.
They are obvious to me, and deep inside this rings as a truth in your heart and mind…but still like a lost dream, they’ve become fundamentally alien to your outer self, your intellect rejects it, because it means the end of it’s control over YOU, your ego says, NO, this is the way it’s been taught for ever.
Things were not always this way. Things do not have to be this way. Change is all that is needed to make a better world for all that lives, NOW.

Now, I urge you on with a glimpse of me in the dim distance.
I would not have taken the whole human race to a point of totally forgetting, ME, Their Divine selves.
There are already millions, perhaps billions, of the evolved right now; that know and understand this message. You already see examples of “The Idea”, in some of the greatest art, and literature of this time and the near past.
Do you want to save yourself? Do you want to hand your children a better world?
Do you want your planet to continue to exist? Are you ready to show and hold in your heart a respect for all that lives?
It was I Who lured you by a vision of me in some bewitching face, or beautiful body, or intoxicating pleasure, or over-powering ambition.

It was I Who appeared before you within the garb of Sin, or Weakness, or Greed, or Sophistry, and drove you back into the arms of Conscience, leaving you to struggle in it’s shadowy grasp; until you awakened to it’s impotence, rose up in disgust, and in the inspiration of a new vision tore off my mask.
YES, it is I Who cause you to do all things, and if you can see it, it is I WHO DO ALL THINGS THAT YOU DO, and all things that humankind does; for that in YOU and in the rest of humankind that IS,…


I AM that which you consider, “Reality.
I AM the innermost, the Spirit, The animating Cause that composed your MATTER, Your Being, all life, all living things, both visible and invisible.
Nothing is really dead, an energy transference may direct ME to discontinue the animation of anything that lives, cease to compose this LIFE, and even in a state of decomposing, nothing is dead, for “I” the IMPERSONAL ONE, AM ALL THERE IS. I AM Infinite and wholly unconfined; the expanding universe and beyond is MY BODY, all the intelligence there emanates from MY MIND, all the love there is flows from MY HEART, all the POWER there is…it’s but MY WILL in action.

The threefold Force, manifesting as all WISDOM, ALL LOVE, ALL POWER, or if you will, as Light, Heat, and Energy- that which holds together all forms and is in back of and in all expressions and phases of life, is but the manifestation of MY SELF IN THE ACT OR STATE OF BEING.
Nothing can BE, without manifesting some phase of ME, Who not only builds, composes, projects all MATTER, all FORMS But I AM also the dweller in each. In the heart of each I DWELL;
In the heart of the human, in the heart of the animal, in the heart of the flower, in the heart of the stone.
IN THE HEART OF EACH, I LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE MY BEING, and from the heart of each I send forth that phase of ME I desire to express, and which manifest in the outer world as, a stone, an animal, a human.

Your Ego and seemingly know-it-all intellect, that has forgotten the true law of life
I could go on forever proclaiming pure truth concerning examples of humankinds total disregard for not only human life, but all that lives.
The myths of your ego, and intellect tell you…
“The world was made for man, and man was made to conquer and rule it.”
For thousands and thousands of years this manifesto has not been doubted.
In this instant I would change all that lives, but I know, It is doubted now. It is MY WILL IT BE SO.
I’ve instill it in the minds and hearts of the young.
The lying dream of a glittering future in which life will become ever sweeter and sweeter, decade after decade, century after century, has been exploded and is meaningless.

They know better in large part because YOU know better.
Only the lying ruling elite still insist that the world was made for Man, and Man was made to Rule it.
Fewer and fewer of you support these leaders and this belief,
In present numbers and enacting the EGO/INTELLECT of YOUR/THEIR present dreams, the human race is having a lethal impact upon the world. Lakes are dying, seas are dying, forests are being killed and dying, THE LAND ITSELF IS DYING.

Feel lucky that MY WILL HAS AWOKEN IN YOU. Be forever thankful that it has been understood by, YOUR CHILDREN.
They know, the world was not made for man, and man is incapable of ruling it.

Is there nothing, then, but this great “I”?
AM I to be permitted no individuality for myself? I hear you ask.
NO, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that is not a part of me, controlled and ruled eternally by ME, the ONE Infinite Reality.

Your disrespect for what lives diminished all…so

As for your so-called individuality, that is nothing but your personality still seeking to maintain a separate existence. That is over.
Soon you shall know there is no individuality apart from my INDIVIDUALITY, and all personality shall fade away into My Divine Impersonality.

Yes, and you shall soon reach that state of awakening where you will get a glimpse of MY Impersonality, and you will then desire no individuality, no separation for yourself; for you will see it is but one more illusion of the personality.


Yes I know the many mixed thoughts crowding into your mind as you read,-The doubts and eager questionings, the vague imperceptibly changed into growing hope that this glimmering of MY meaning, which has begun to penetrate the darkness of your human intellect, may shine brighter so you can see clearly the Truth which you instinctively feel is hidden beneath my words.

No there are TOO many, the voice of you intellect, driven by your EGO will not let this Truth be heard, will not let this light, which is the source of all that composes and animates the projected matter that is ALL.
You HAVE CONTROL OF NOTHING! Not Your body, “hence the accelerated decrepitated
Person you are NOW”.
Why do you fell that old! Why is the inner voice always screaming, never giving you peace.
Why must you drink & drug yourself asleep, awake, and continue to do so just to get through each and every day.
You are not living you are waiting to die. You cannot forgive yourself for this truthful assessment.
Again I say, this is I AM speaking herein is The Real Self of You. Realize it, accept it. If necessary sacrifice yourself, ego, and intellect on the altar of the shinning light that is your true self. The energy that animates all things is but one. Mine.
Stop killing yourself with this slow death. Stop killing your world the same way. Let us BE ONE!

I AM that life and spirit animating and composing all living things, within and without this universe and the dimension you reside. I AM the smallest atom. I Am the greatest sun. I am the star being born and the star that died and became a black hole. I AM, “The Black Hole” itself.
I am you, your brother, your sister; and likewise all the Intelligence which causes everything to live and grow and to become that which is their destiny.

How can I be all at once, and the same, you, stone, plant animal, etc.

Follow my words, start obeying my instructions herein given; and I will bring your consciousness THE LIGHT, It begins at the bass of your spine, not in your mind!
It will travel the electronic impulses that carry all your pain, pleasure, information, etc., into your mind and consciousness. Would you like to drive away all the clouds of human misconception, ideas, and opinions that now darken your intellect?
Listen Carefully!

I Am You. The real self of you. All that you think you are, YOU ARE NOT. You are not who you think you are, your world is not what you think it is. That is Illusion, a pale shadow of the real YOU.
Which is I, your Immortal, Divine, Self.

Not your intellect, screaming with the coaxing of your EGO. the I, That is The I AM of your true consciousness, it is but MY consciousness, watered down, thinned down to suite the capacity of your human mind.

It is still My Consciousness

When you empty it totally, so my consciousness can have a chance to EXPRESS freely, then you will recognize ME and you will know that you are nothing- being only a static filled focal point of MY Consciousness, an avenue or medium through which I can express my being in matter.

Humans. Oh how you have exulted yourselves. How have I come to expect this featherless, furless, scale less grotesque combination of all animals combined to do what is expected with any portion of MY CONSCIOUSNESS?

This projection and composition of matter I could change, or discontinue completely; as easily as you humans change your mind. This is not a threat of any kind, this is a FACT.
I AM not like the, “Gods” of your making, I do not lie and play games with the projection and animation of my own matter. You make these up to hold together your social orders.
A pale shadow of a bad imitation of the group intelligence of your own cells.

I AM you, your parents, and your children, all that come before and all that is to come.

I Am the consciousness and intelligence of each and every cell in your body. This is so because if your cells did not have the intelligence t to perform their function with out you consciously thinking, If you cannot see, and believe they are not only each performing their function, but also and evidently controlled by a united consciousness, forming a group intelligence, which directs and controls this work. Each group intelligence apparently being the intelligence
Of The Organ of cells comprising it. Likewise there are groups of intelligence that make up the other organs.

I am the focal center of this directing intelligence; when this intelligence is withdrawn, the cells fall apart, your physical body dies and You exists no more as a living organism.

Let me put this very simply, you do not have to consciously think for your heart to beat, you do not say to your self, “Oh it’s time to breath”. Your cells have the intelligence to perform their function without you consciously having to think about it.
THIS CONSCIOUSNESS IS ALSO, “MY CONSCIOUSNESS“. The consciousness of Your Own True Self.

You cannot now consciously control or direct a single cell of your body.
When you do, of your own free will enter into the consciousness of the I AM of you and know it’s identity with me, then you will control every cell of your body and any other cell you wish to control; “because” we will then be one.
This can and will be achieved without your human personality and the bastard child, EGO.
My wish in tying to put to, “Words” This, “My Message” is because you are cells of me.
I am your consciousness.

The way you are evolving. The super organisms, The societies you’ve created.
Everything you can possibly do to separate your selves from the other societies, every time you point out differences, it is to war and kill others, all you know about them is, they are different from you, This does not make them “Better”, or “Worse” they are just different.
Would you have it, that my will be to have your internal organs fight each other?
I don’t do it. If this ever seems the case, believe “Your True Self” you are poisoning yourselves and your world; This accounts for almost all of the sickness. Your innermost being stirs as this rings TRUTH!
Every point of suffering in the life’s of humans can be traced back to one thing, letting your EGO, or Intellect make a BAD decision regarding a direction you take!
No matter if it is a personal direction, or collective one to unite to follow one of your misguided rulers.

The super organisms you’ve created, your societies, continue to put “MY BEING” at risk, Evolve
or species will not be continued in My Consciousness.
You will cease to exist.
The evolution of humanity does not depends creating the super organisms that are your societies.
It depends on refining your individual being. Be Still and Know. This is, “The Way”.
Perhaps after, “My Will” shall direct a different manifestation of life. Consisting of your cells- perhaps mineral, perhaps vegetable, perhaps animal; showing they still retain their original consciousness and await the action of My Will to join together a new organism to do the work
Of a new consciousness which I desire to manifest.

Then apparently this cell consciousness is consciousness common to all bodies--
Mineral, vegetable, animal, and human.
Do Not for any duration of “time”, (which is an invention of the human EGO,) think that HUMANS are any more then another type of animal.
Your species, with it’s intellect and EGO has allowed “HUMANS” to raise themselves above all other living creatures and all other forms of life.
Thus making it that much easier to destroy, alter, and control other life forms in order to further
The expansion of your species.
Instead of evolving as an individuals, humans have chosen the path of creating, “Super-organisms” societies. Each with their own beliefs, customs, myths, and propaganda.
Instead of evolving yourselves as a species. A species instinctively incline to band together.
This has only succeeded in creating differences that will always be reason to separate one society from another.
One society will de-humanize another. Make them seem like something “Less” and given permission to hate these others. This “Allowed Hatred” is control, and devised by the ruling elite.
The ones in power that know how to create and channel this hatred of the masses gain the power of leading them around easily.
Everyone is born with the power to be king or, “Nothing”. A non-person. Most fall somewhere in between. This breeds a resentment toward their position in life. This resentment leads to anger, anger then manifest itself into hatred. It is “the ones in power” that channel this hatred away from their society. They point it outward, we are given, “enemies”.
Other people and societies that we are allowed, even encouraged to hate.
This is an inbred genetic condition inherited from our most ancient ancestor. The gene that crawled out of the primordial sludge because it could, would, and did-”disassemble” its competitors to use their raw materials to go on replicating.
To truly evolve as individuals, to see “My Meaning” and be able to become a clear channel through which my “Divine Impersonality” will express the ultimate truth, you must rid yourself of this gene. Although it was very necessary for the survival of, growth and evolution of your species in the past. It is no longer a useful component.
If ‘MY WILL” be manifest, then giving up your EGO, and Intellect will aid in more quickly ridding
Yourselves of this gene. It prevents rational thought, and causes, “The Never Ending War For Peace”.
I Am, and, being wholly Impersonal, My Consciousness, My Intelligence and My Will, working in you and in other cells of My Body, which constitute the I AM of you and them, must work Impersonally,-
Just as they work Impersonally in your body. Therefore, I, and the I Am of you and of your brothers and sisters, of all things that live, are ONE.

I Am the directing Intelligence of All, the Life, the Consciousness of all matter, of all substance.
If you can see it, You, The Real you, the Impersonal you, are in all and are one with all, are in Me and are one with ME; just as I AM in you and in all, and thereby am expressing My Reality through you and through all.

This will, which you call your will, is likewise no more yours personally then is this consciousness and this intelligence of your mind and the cells of your body yours.

It is but a small portion of My Will which I permit the personal you to use. Just as fast as you awaken to a recognition of a certain power or faculty within you and begin to consciously to use it, do I allow you that much more of My Infinite Power.
All power and its use is but so much recognition and understanding of the use of My Will.
Your will and all your powers are only phases of My Will, which I supply to suit your capacity to use it.
Were I to entrust you with the full power of My Will, before you know how consciously to use it, it would annihilate your body utterly.
Sunday July 24, 2011
You keep updating this ! Thank you writers and readers.
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